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For businesses, inlingua has the APP (Accelerated Professional Program) range of materials, which follow a similar structure to those of the GPP (General Purpose Program), but are based on professional and business situations.
The ability to communicate effectively in business English is a required skill for many corporate employees. This program helps beginners and advanced learners to communicate effectively and accurately in a professional world dominated by English. The step-by-step approach which builds on previously known language helps you to use the language confidently for business situations. You will improve your fluency through interesting discussions, role plays and fact-gathering activities.
As a professional, all communication with your colleagues and clients is crucial for your organization and your career. Our Business Skills programs are designed to help you make effective presentations, telephone calls, negotiations and correspondence. You’ll learn how to use globally acceptable phrases and expressions accurately and confidently for a powerful impact in your dealings. This we achieve through a blend of skills oriented class room activities which reflect the modern world of business used alongside our Business Skills student’s materials.
We know that your organization may have a unique set of training requirements. Our team of professional instructors will create and deliver customized training based on your organization’s needs.

  • Modules (from 10 to 20 hours)

Business Correspondence

For people looking to improve their ability to write e-mails, letters or faxes in the English language. The course equips individuals with language structures, expressions and procedures used in business correspondence. Students will also learn how to communicate clearly and effectively through written communication.

Business Writing

For people who need to plan and work with letters, faxes, e-mails or reports in English. The program will cover the language skills needed by these people and will impart key strategies to enable one to experience a high degree of ease and success while corresponding via written media.

Human Resources

For HR professionals who need to apply their knowledge in an international, English-speaking environment. The aim is to enable students, already familiar with the Human Resources field, to function effectively in real business situations through the introduction of genuine, versatile language based on realistic and relevant scenarios.


For professionals who need to use key language in financial management, financial services and investment. The course equips participants to deal with real business situations by introducing genuine and versatile language. The program is aimed exclusively at executives who are already conversant with the concepts of finance, and who need to use their professional skills in an international, English-speaking environment.


For people who need to negotiate and to put forward proposals and counter proposals. The program will impart the language skills that will enable one to negotiate in different situations, key negotiating strategies, and an understanding of what non-verbal language implies to enable one to negotiate successfully.


For people, who need to organize, attend and/or preside over meetings for various purposes. The program aims to cover the language skills necessary to present one’s viewpoint successfully in a meeting and to give strategy tips that will add to the productivity of meetings

Socializing Across Cultures

For individuals who want to increase their cultural awareness. This program will be helpful to people who frequently travel abroad or deal with individuals from other cultures. The course teaches essential verbal and non-verbal communication skills to individuals who wish to successfully manage business scenarios in unfamiliar contexts.

Real Estate

For real estate agents who need to improve their English in order to work with English-speaking clients. The program has been designed for practical use covering different countries and covers a range of topics that are of interest to those working in residential real estate. The program offers the participants a wide range of vocabulary that can be tailored to apply to specific scenarios and contexts.


For people who need to talk frequently on the phone in English and who would benefit from telephone techniques training within the customer care context. The aims will be to develop the necessary degree of clarity and cordiality while speaking on the phone in any business context, to enable a person to understand the other side of a phone call in a better way, and to increase the telephone skills of people through a heightened appreciation of customer care.


For people who need to make presentations to different kinds of audience. The course will impart the necessary language skills to make a presentation and show a professional way of organizing one’s presentation in any given context.

Interview Skills

The program is aimed at helping people from different walks of life tackle job interviews successfully. It is designed to hone their communication skills to a point where they are comfortable in any job interview situation, and are able to project a confident and positive image of themselves to the interviewing panel. The course is a start-to-finish module, and takes students through all the stages of the application process:
  • assessing and understanding job advertisements;
  • compiling a resume and writing covering letters;
  • preparing for an interview;
  • tackling awkward interview questions;
  • taking follow-up action.
  • The participants receive tips on appropriate language for interview situations and the course also addresses such issues as etiquette, grooming and body language during an interview.

Travel and Tourism

For professionals who work in the travel and tourism industry. The Module provides the English needed to effectively interact with foreign travelers. This program provides learners with a range of real-life situations in which they can experience and use the target language. Providing information, answering questions, organizing meetings, dealing with medical problems and using diplomatic vocabulary are among the language functions covered.