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Adam Davis - English Language Instructor

I have been with Inlingua since February 2015. Before I began teaching for Inlingua, I taught at a private school in Indiana, USA for almost four years, where I gained experience teaching many different subjects including American and World History, Academic English, Psychology, Economics, P.E., Health, U.S. Government, and other courses. I first taught English abroad in China in 2007-2008, and received TESOL certification in November 2009. I quit my last teaching job in the U.S. to pursue a career teaching English abroad. It took me almost one year and a half but now I have found such a job and I am truly living a dream come true right now. When I am not teaching, I enjoy watching movies and am most certainly a film aficionado and I am a self-taught singer and guitar player and have played since I was 12 years old. I also enjoy travelling and in addition to UAE and China, I have also been to Kenya, the Bahamas, and Haiti, and have travelled to each of these countries over the last eight years. Life has been quite an adventure, for sure, and it isn't about to end. At the end of this year, I will travel to the Philippines to marry the love of my life, my beautiful fiancée, Ms. Mary Ann Mosada Esquillo. She is originally from the Philippines. We will marry in her home province on December 28.

As a newer member of the Inlingua team, I am happy and honored to be a part of the team. After having taken a rather long period of time off from teaching, I am very happy to be back in what I feel as if I was born to do. I am happy for my time as part of this teaching community.

Thank you!

Andre Isbell – English Language Instructor

Before I started working at inlingua in January 2016, I’ve worked 16 years as a skills trainer. Giving Presentations in front of large groups of people, I’ve travelled around the world and worked in 4 continents. In the recent years I’ve been focusing just on teaching English language, especially after earning the TEFL teaching certificate in March 2015. I found inlingua to be the perfect place to teach languages. Here the courses involve teaching multicultural students, and students of all age groups, who need courses for specific purposes, such as ‘Speaking Skills for Everyday Communication’, ‘Business English’, training in ‘Academic Language’ as well as ‘TOEFL’ and ‘IELTS’. I like to live and work in UAE as I am able to enjoy similar living standards as in my own country –USA.

Hadiza Saidu-Bala  – English Language Instructor

I am an Educational Specialist with a genuine interest in students' cognitive and social growth. Actively involved in all areas of education including teacher mentoring, student career preparation, and exploring technology. Combine strong passion for English and writing expertise to motivate and inspire students, while creating a fun and challenging learning environment. A self-driven leader with excellent communication and interpersonal skills who enjoys effectively collaborating with all levels of staff members and fosters quality relationships with students and parents. My hobbies include traveling, landscape photography, creative art and cooking.

James King  – Language Instructor

I have studied languages all of my life. They are my passion. I started studying French and Spanish at school and then studied French, Spanish and Portuguese at university. When I have spare time I love attending language lessons. When I lived in England I regularly attended evening classes and over three years studied Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian, Greek and Chinese. I am originally from Great Britain but I have lived in France, Spain and Portugal and before coming to Dubai I spent 3 years teaching English in Shanghai, China. Before that, I was a Spanish and Portuguese in-house translator working in the fashion industry in the UK.

Gillian Florez – Spanish Language Instructor

My name is Gillian and I am from Colombia. I have a degree in hospitality and tourism. I travelled to Australia 4 years ago to study English; I lived there for 3 years and started teaching Spanish. Then my husband and I decided to move to Dubai, it’s already been a year since we moved here and we’ve been traveling a lot. I think many of you would agree that traveling is one of the best things you can do to enjoy life. I also enjoy doing other things like reading a good book, exercising in the morning, listening to music and learning about other languages and cultures. That’s one of the reasons I’m interested in teaching Spanish, as it allows me to connect with people from other cultures and to teach them about mine. Thanks to my experience learning another language, I totally understand the obstacles of learning a new language and the significance of practicing with native speakers in a supportive and encouraging environment. I hope to help you with your Spanish, whether you want to learn Spanish for professional or personal reasons.