inlingua Method

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The inlingua Method is the first of four key elements that contribute to learning success. It is based on decades of experience in language training and is continually being developed to match the needs of a changing world. The emphasis is on direct communication through speaking.

Courses offered by inlingua language centers make up the second key element of your learning success. The courses are linked to the needs of learners. They suit different learning environments from individualized personal instruction or group instruction to intensive crash courses and diploma courses as well as problem-focused tutoring. inlingua courses can be organized in the language center, in a place of business or at a private home.

Professional and highly motivated trainers make up the third element that contributes to your learning success. inlingua is well aware of their importance and selects its trainers very carefully. Only native language speaking trainers, regularly trained by inlingua Method and Material experts are allowed to train at inlingua.

The fourth element contributing to your language learning success is the wide range of exclusive inlingua language training material. inlingua learning and training materials are specially developed for the inlingua network by experts all over the world and cannot be found on the open market.